5 things you should know about Bachata Music

1.   Bachata Music comes from the Dominican Republic. 

Bachata music comes from the Bolero music. In it’s beginnings it was considered as music of the poor people. The first national hit in Dominican Republic was “Pena de ti” by Luis Segura in the 1970`s.

2.   Don´t underestimate Bachata Music

Bachata music has become very popular around the world and not only among spanish speaking communities. A good example of popular artists are Romeo Santos and Prince Royce. ¨Propuesta Indecente¨from Romeo Santos has over 650 million visits in You Tube.

Many known artists have sang or played Bachatas and many more to come. Some are: Enrique Iglesias, Santana, Maná, Thalya, Drake, …

Bachata Music is very versatile and allows many kind of mixes with other music styles. One nice example is ¨Stand by me¨from Prince Royce.

3.   Bachata Music is easy to dance

Probably you have seen many videos and parties were profesional dancers dance to Bachata Music and felt this was a very complicated dance. Don’t be frightened, you can learn the basic steps quite fast. It’s a simple dance for anybody.

Here we can see Romeo Santos dancing with his grandmother (or so it says in the video).

But it can also be more complicated.

4.   Not all lyrics are about broken hearts

… but nearly. But, what is more important in life than love? … but with some sense of humor.

¨What hurts you is not the infidelity, what really bothers you are the neighbors whispering about it…”

5.   Bachata can be a good way of learning spanish

Why not? Listen to Bachata and practice your spanish.

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