Bachata Origins

We will try to explain the origins of Bachata music in a simple way.

During the 1930`s to the 1950`s Bolero music was very popular in Latin America. This music was also very popular in the Dominican Republic and has had a big influence in the Bachata Music.

In the 1960`s is when some local artists began what is known as the origins of the Bachata music. Some of these artists are: Jose Manuel Calderon, Tomy Figueroa, Inocencio Cruz and Rafael Encarnación. This music was mainly listened by local´s and considered as a music of poor people. Thanks to radio station ¨La Guarachita” created by Radhamés Aracena this music became more popular.

In the 1970`s and 1980`s more artists appeared. Some of these artists are: Luis Segura, Melida Rodríguez alias La Sufrida and Leonardo Paniagua. In the 1980`s some other artists began to experiment and mix different dominican styles with electric instruments as Luis ¨Terror¨ Dias.

The first national hit of Bachata Music was ¨Pena de ti¨ by Luis Segura.

The tourism industry which was growing in the 1980`s helped the Bachata music to expand in and out the DR.

Later in the 1990`s and 2000`s, the Bachata music started getting more popular, bigger music companies got involved and many new artists appeared as: Teodoro ReyesJoe VerasLuis VargasAnthony SantosYóskar SaranteRaulín RodríguezZacarías FerreirasMonchy y Alexandra and even groups as Aventura.

Some artists as Juan Luis Guerra and Victor Victor gave a new dimension to the Bachata music in the 1990`s.

La Guarachita

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