How to Play Bachata Songs

If you want to learn how to play like real Bachateros just follow the videos and practice a lot…

One of the best classic songs to start learning how to play Bachata

“Por mi Timidez” de Antony Santos

Melvin Elias a great Bachata player and teacher will show us how to play it

Now lets make it a little bit more difficult

“Me Enamore” from Antony Santos.

LatinoStylo16 will show us how to play it. Look at him carefully, it’s not a tutorial, just a cover, but you should be able to catch the chords after some time.

Another song to learn, again a bit more difficult – Anthony Santos: ¨Voy pa alla”

Last song from Antony Santos. It’s always great to learn from the classics.

Requinto31 shows us how to play this song. Check the video. Great! For chords you can check here.

But the best guitar bachata teacher we have found until now on youtube is Arodis Bachata. He will teach you the real way to play.

For learning how to play bachata bongo’s as a professional, best is to check the lesson from Wilson.

And for the guira, Wilson also has a very good video.

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